Safety of Funds

Segregated Accounts

A major concern for most traders online is the security of their deposits. To ensure the highest levels of security MYFintec applies rigorous accounting procedures and segregates client accounts. All client investment funds are deposited into separate client accounts not into the main company account. This ensures that the accounting and auditing procedures for the client funds and their reconciliations are separated from the company’s financial operational auditing procedures.

Online Security

Due to the ever increasing levels of identity theft, fraud, computer hacking and related online criminal activity it is necessary for us to maintain the highest levels of online security. To ensure these high levels of safety we have separated the platform and the fund processing systems so that their independence will ensure the highest levels of security. Client account safety is also secured by our stringent internal controls. As a financial services company we are required to comply with Anti-Money Laundering procedures and international fraud regulations.

Client Identification

All clients are required to present several identification documents to confirm the identification of the account holder. This procedure is applied when clients are opening accounts and/or when withdrawing funds from their accounts. This cross matching of numerous documents confirms client identification.

256 bit SSL Encryption

To ensure the highest level of security when communicating with our website and trading platform we apply 256 bit SSL encryption through the HTTPS secure web site protocol on every transaction. In accordance with our procedures, that comply with accepted standards, MYFintec ensures that all client transactions and all client deposited funds are kept as secure as possible.