Withdrawal Options

Speedy and Hassle Free

At MYFintec we offer easy and secure facilities to perform fast online withdrawals. We support multiple currencies and a range of withdrawal methods such as bank transfers, check and credit/debit cards. You can withdraw funds from your trading account at any time. However, sufficient funds will need to be maintained to cover the required margin for any open positions.

The minimum amount per withdrawal is 100 EUR/GBP

Funds can only be returned to a bank account in the same name as your MYFintec account due to third party transaction regulations.

For your convenience, we support a selection of withdrawal methods such as: Credit Card, Bank Wire and other alternative payment methods. Please refer to the Withdrawal page in “My Account” once you are logged in as a registered user for the full list of alternative withdrawal methods.

How Can I Withdraw Funds From My Account?

Simply login to our secure site, select ‘My Account’ and then ‘Withdrawal’ and choose your preferred withdrawal method. If you need any assistance, please contact our 24/5 client support team by email, phone or live chat. One of our professional representatives will assist you in the first stages of withdrawing funds from your account.

How Long Does It Take To Withdraw Money From My Account?

For withdrawals paid to Debit/Credit Cards, bank accounts, Neteller or PayPal these will be processed within 3 business days, after which you will be notified via email. For withdrawals paid to other alternative payment methods, these will be processed within 7-10 business days, after which you will be notified via email.

Are there any fees?

MYFintec allows one withdrawal per month at no charge. Additional withdrawals in a one month timeframe will be charge for a EUR 25 processing fee.

Some fund withdrawals may be subject to fees from any intermediary or correspondent bank involved in the transaction and may attract a receiving fee from your banking/institution. Please account for these fees when making withdrawals. MYFintec accepts no responsibility for any such bank fees.

Clients should check with alternative payment providers such as PayPal and Neteller for any applicable fees to receive money, as this will not be covered by MYFintec.

Third Party Payments

MYFintec cannot accept or make payments from/to third parties. Please ensure that all deposits and withdrawals to/from your trading account are from/to a Bank Account or Debit/Credit Card in your own name. Payments to Joint Bank Accounts or Debit/Credit Cards are accepted if the trading account holder is one of the parties on the Bank Account or Debit/Credit Card.

Withdrawal Options

Method Description Withdraw Time
Credit/Debit Card Visa and MasterCard Withdrawals made by debit/credit card are processed within 3 working days
Bank Wire Wire from bank account Withdrawals made by bank wire transfer usually take 7-10 working days to reach your account

Please Note the Following:

  1. First time withdrawal request.
    You will need to make sure that the account has been verified before we can transfer any funds.
  2. Funded account using a credit card.
    Withdrawal request will be processed as a refund to the same credit card, provided it is within 6 months of the original deposit.
  3. Credit card companies’ policies and procedures.
    Withdrawal of credit card deposits will depend on the credit card companies’ policies and procedures.
  4. Maximum payment to debit/credit card.
    If you initially funded your account using a debit/credit card, the maximum amount that can be transferred to your card will be equal to the initial deposit.
    Any amount exceeding the initial deposit will be transferred via bank wire. The minimum amount that can be transferred per bank wire is €500
  5. Payment via bank wire transfer.
    Withdrawals made using bank wire transfer may take up to ten (10) business days due to additional security procedures and documentation that may be required by client’s bank.
  6. Withdrawal processing time.
    Withdrawals will be processed within 3 business days, after which you will be notified via email. It may take 1-10 business days for your Card Company or bank to reflect your withdrawal in your account. This is dependent on the processing time of the banks and out of the control of MYFintec.
  7. Additional information.
    You may be required to provide further information for us to process your withdrawal, in which case our support team will contact you to request this before we process your withdrawal.